Enough about 968, let’s talk...

About 969

ianmac969 is the brand name for the
writing, editing, imaging and design services
of Ian MacLeod, sole proprietor (hereinafter referred to as “I”.)
(What about "I"?)

And the 969?  Well, I’d like to say it began as clever symbolism, but it didn’t.

Because I’m an old Beatle fan, any time I have to add a number to something like a user ID, I choose “number nine, number nine, number nine...”  So when I opened an e-mail account at Yahoo! and found the ID’s ianmac and ianmac9 were taken, I had to think of another number.  “Think of a number” reminded me of the precious scene in the “Bill and Ted” movies when they travel in time and meet themselves and ask, “What number am I thinking of?”  They’re teenaged and male, so of course the answer is “sixty-nine!”  Since I’m teenaged myself (aren’t we all),  I typed in ianmac969, and Congratulations!  I had a new Yahoo account.

Very soon, I realized there was something familiar about “969” – and very appropriate for an old college student among young people who must have seen me as being “as old as Methuselah.”  I looked it up:

And all the days of Me-thu’se-lah were
nine hundred sixty and nine years:  and he died.

That’s me – the oldest man, and still a kid fresh out of college.  (didn’t expect Bible study, did you?)

(Aren't any of these "About Me"?)

Oh, there’s one other familiar thing about 969...it’s a song by the Guess Who, on the album “American Woman”

Would you like to hear it?


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