Enough about me, let's talk...

About "I"

I’m the “I” guy.  MIS, CIS, IT, -- the important word in all these is “Information,” and that’s where my Interest lies.

That’s Ironic for a couple of reasons.  First:  because my name begins with an “I”.  Second:  Back in the good old days when Dad lived here in Riverview, Florida, I would drop in on him occasionally.  If his door was open I would call out as I came in.  Since we’re a family of writer-types it amused me to announce grammatically, “It is I, your son.”  After a while Dad began to answer “It is I” with “Hello, I!”  It became something of a family nickname.  And now that Mom & Dad are back in Indiana on Cemetery Ridge (That sounds interesting) I usually sign cards and e-mails to them with, “Your Son, I”.
(Enough “About I”, what “About Me”?)

So I don’t say things like “It’s all about me.”  I say “It’s all about I.”  Information, Instruction, and a little Imaging, all with Imagination.  I guess you’d say the “I’s” have it!

OK, you wouldn’t, but I would...
(And what "About 969"?)

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