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About Me

There’s nothing all that special about me.  I’m just a typical brain-damaged alcoholic construction worker with a degree from the Honors Program at the University of Tampa.  Not many of my classmates had that kind of resume, but not many of them graduated at the age of 52.

I had just finished high school in Bloomington, Indiana in 1971, when I quickly began an unfulfilling career as a drunken bum, finally taking my last drink November 29, 1991.  After I quit drinking, my wife left me (I know some people do that the other way around) and I headed south, spending a summer in Atlanta before ending up in Tampa, doing construction labor all the way.  That’s the kind of work I was doing February 20, 1998, when I had my brain aneurysm (complete with sub-arachnoid hemorrhage).  As I was recovering from the aneurysm, someone at Vocational Rehabilitation mentioned college, the words “silver lining” rang in my head, and in the spring of 1999, I enrolled at Hillsborough Community College.  (Where’s that?) I learned that college was a lot more fun than work, and started investigating a transfer degree.

While visiting the University of Tampa, I talked with Dean Jeffrey Klepfer and told him that although I was studying Information Systems, I was more Interested in Information than systems.  He then Informed me of an Interdisciplinary major UT was Initiating.  I was Intrigued. (What’s all this “I” stuff?) So I became one of UT’s first Electronic Media Arts & Technology majors, transferring in as a – like the sound of this? – 50-year-old Junior.  So, thanks to the many professors, counselors and advisors who helped me (and a couple who just wanted to be rid of me), I graduated from the University of Tampa Honors Program in 2006, at the age of 52. And now I can look back on it all and say, in paraphrase of a great philosopher:

“What a long strange trip it still is...”

(Or is that a Grateful Ossifer?)

(And what about 969?)

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