Ian MacLeod
the job applicant

Hi there! You've reached the home page for the “Applicant” section of my site. If I've directed you here as part of the job application process, welcome! If you've just come from the 969 home page to investigate, welcome!

Please feel free to look around. That's what this section is for – to help you find how what I do would fit what you need. The "969 Do Page" and the Education & Instruction home page will give you a brief explanation and samples of my services in training, marketing and other print and web communication. The quick links below lead directly to the samples, and to my resume.

Check them out, and if you decide to hire me as a contractor, thank you! If you decide to hire me as a staffer, thank you! And in any case, thank you for visiting ianmac969.com!

(And don't forget to check back often for updates!)

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