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print communication services.

Computer printer

offers various types of flyers and brochures to fit your business and your needs.

ianmac969 can design a simple, direct promotional handout for your product or service...
One Small Biz promo

This is my 969 promo flyer for handing to a potential client.  It points out what I might have in common with them, and uses a “let’s talk business” approach.  It’s a little more involved than “Got Originality”.

This 969 promo stresses my distinctive “original” approach to getting the message across.  I think it’s punchier and more of an eye-catcher than “One Small Biz”

Got Originality?

We can also write and edit more detailed informational flyers, like this...

On my most recent trip to Brown County, Indiana, I had the opportunity to do a flyer or two for the Brown County Career Resource Center.  This one highlights the classes and educational services available at the BCCRC.

Brown County Career Resource Center

The GetEQUAL flyer was handed out to attendees at the “Light The Way to Justice” rally in Tampa, held the day the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases.

(Please note: I did not write the text; it's from the GetEqual site. All I did was organize it and lay it out on the flyer.)

...and if you’re not getting the results you’d like from your existing flyer, we can improve it...


Flyer Before

I thought I could improve on this “How To Use” flyer from Wolff Ridge Worm Farm, and the lovely and talented Charlotte Wolff graciously allowed me to try.  I discovered early on that “Worm Magic” is a registered trademark of San Diego Organic Supply, so we decided to try “WormsGold” instead...


Of course, our new name called for a new color, so I found an appropriate gold, gave a little better definition to Merlin (the worm—he’s still magical) and condensed the whole thing so it prints more economically, two to a page.

...and after

Flyer after


produces print advertising for magazines, newspapers, direct mail, or any print medium.


This is where I'll be posting new samples as they come along – starting with this small display ad for ianmac969...

Mac's Used Cars

...and as a sample of what I can do for a small business with a small budget, I made up an ad for a made-up company, a fictitious car dealer with a catchy name...

Brown County Art

This ad for the family arts & literature concern is designed for small local papers in and around Nashville, Indiana.  If you’re interested in good painting, good writing, or good dumplings, you should visit

Community Radio Ad
Risky Rolex Ad

These are two of my favorite school projects:  the “Risky” Rolex ad from a writing class, and the Community Radio spot, from Computer Graphics.  (And from the heart.)

To Do List Ad

The "To Do List" promo is aimed mainly at busy publishers, but I like to think that 969 can help any kind of business that needs to communicate.



"Draw You a Picture" shows my commitment to getting the message across to everybody, not just textual and verbal learners.

And, to the horror of my graphics-savvy friends, I did the "Tab A & Slot B" illustration in MS Word.

Draw You a Picture?


provides layout, design and photography for custom business cards.

ianmac969 designs a business card suited to your special style, from plain and simple to decorative and artistic. Not "one size fits all," but "my design fits your needs".

Anita’s card just states her qualifications and contact info, (it’s all current, if you’re looking for a medical professional).

And by the way, I revised the last name on the card after I revised the last name on Anita. Free of charge!

Anita's Card

"Mary Haircut" Card

“Mary Haircut” had a more specific need:  Her hair salon was in Sun City Center, and most of her potential clients senior citizens, so she wanted the name and phone number in REALLY LARGE PRINT!

And since she wasn’t satisfied with the artwork already available, we made a design with her own scissors – that’s 969 personal service!

For the Cemetery Ridge Associates card, we wanted to incorporate one of Norman Ulery’s signature works – the rooster that hung outside the Red Shed Studio.  The information is current and you can still reach us at

Cemetery Ridge Associates Card


has just added a new product -- Gift Certificates!

Are you missing out on gift sales?

If you don’t sell toys or clothes or other such “gifty” items, then maybe people won’t think of you first when they’re shopping for a gift – and maybe you’ve been missing out on sales!  Why not boost those sales with a gift certificate from ianmac969?  Give them a cash value – or make them good for one of your services free.  Whatever your business, from a theater to a tailor, from massages to lawn mowing, you can turn your specialty into a “great gift idea”!

And not only does a 969 Gift Certificate generate sales, it gets your name out to the gift giver, the recipient, and everyone else at the party!

Here’s a sample of the “Cash Value” certificate.  You choose whatever dollar amounts are right for you – you’ll get three with your order.

Cash Value Certificate

Of course, it includes the name of your business, your contact info, and a few words describing your products or services.

Service Certificate

The denomination here can be something like “Free Massage,” “Admit One,” or “Dinner for two,” whatever your service may be.

The 969 Gift Certificate is ideal for any holiday, birthday or anniversary, and there’s no need to reorder!  Just choose the type, cash value or free service, provide your information, pay the low design fee, and you own the file – just print them whenever you need them!

Don’t miss out any longer – contact today and get your custom gift certificate.  Don’t delay – every day is somebody’s birthday!


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